Now it’s time to WOW your special someone by customizing the notes as much as possible before sending them to print.

You can proceed to the next steps by clicking on the “Finish Editing Your Notes” button below or clicking the link in your email. All customizations will automatically save / update -so you can always come back to the link in this email and resume from where you left off at any time.

We highly recommend to:

  • 1) Use a Laptop / Desktop computer when customizing your notes for best results.
  • 2) Add photos to the back of as many notes as possible.
  • 3) Customize some of the text to add more of a personal touch.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at any time if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

In the meantime, get your creative juices flowing and think of ways to surprise them with the notes. We guarantee that they will LOVE it.

To the little things in life…

Senior Noteologist

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