Create your notes in these simple steps!

Step 1

Choose who you are creating your notes for

We want to help you make your notes as personalized as possible, by choosing who that special someone is to you. Based on your selection, we’ll be sure to whip up a couple of awesome notes that will definitely put a smile on their face!

Step 2

Pick what personality traits they have

Isn’t it wonderful when you know the PERFECT things to say about the one you love!? We can help you generate 30 of the most special, personalized notes by simply choosing from a list of personality traits that best represent them.

Step 3

Choose your design

Nobody knows their tastes better than you do, and that’s exactly why we’ve given you 7 beautifully designed note themes to choose from. And the best part is, you’re able to select between 1-3 designs if you want to. You can mix the designs up, or simply choose one, the choice is yours!

Step 4

Customize your notes

After we generate 30 personalized notes for your loved one, now’s your chance to review and add your special touch. You can completely edit / customize each of the notes. You can also upload your own photos to the back of each note if you’d like, and even pick 1 of 4 different luxury paper textures for your notes. We guarantee that they’ll LOVE the personalized notes YOU created for them.

Step 5

We deliver them, you hide them.

Once you’ve finished customizing your 30 notes and follow the simple checkout process, we’ll send them to you in a beautifully-made magnetic keepsake box. You can either give them the entire box of notes all at one, or you can unleash your creativity, and hide the notes for them to find. Either way, their reaction will be unforgettable - we GUARANTEE IT!

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