About Us

Scribe & Hide was sparked by a passionate and loving relationship between Ben and Abby – a man and a woman that fell head over heels for each other, against all odds.

My name is Ben, and this is our story…

It all began with a hidden love note that I left for Abby right before I had to catch a flight, for her to find while I was away. I wanted to surprise her with little loving notes to show her how much she meant to me… and BOOM! Just like that, we started a tradition of hiding notes for each other, and awakened a whole new world of passion and desire.

Say goodbye to all the stress that comes with finding the perfect, most meaningful gift for the one you love! We truly believe in the power of “It’s the little things, that make all the difference” in a relationship. That’s why our quick process makes it easy for you to generate the most thoughtful, loving and personalized notes for the one you love – and make your loved one feel like the most special person in the whole wide world!

We realize that it takes consistent effort to keep the flame alive in a relationship, and increase desire. That’s why we invite you to unlock the world of romance, and hide the notes for your love to find. Each note can be a whole individual experience that will fill your lives with lots of memories to cherish, and a whole lot of surprises to enjoy.

We’re obsessively passionate about helping others live the happy and fulfilling life they deserve. You have the chance to experience a long lasting passion everyday of your life, and feel the excitement of new experiences with your partner… It’s like a youth elixir for your relationship – guaranteed!

“It’s the little things, that make all the difference”
-Scribe & Hide

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